GoHoist Lite One Hoist -5 ton

5 ton Two Hoist Package - Now $1,795

More steel, reinforced joints, plus bigger winches for easier lifting.  Designed Rigging. Maximum 10,000lb boat.  Two 11' hoists. ​ SAVE  $100

Lifting Strap - $45 each

4" x 30' - 6,500lb lifting cap.

GoHoist Lite Two Hoist - 3 and 5 ton 

5 ton One Hoist Package - Now $1,095

More steel, reinforced joints, plus bigger winches for easier lifting.  Designed Rigging. Maximum 10,000lb boat.  One 11' hoist. ​ SAVE  $50

Winch Cable/Pulley Assemble - Set of 2 $145

5 ton cap. 25' of cable, 2 pulley blocks, end hook on each assemble. 

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3 ton Two Hoist Package - Now $1,495

Lift a maximum 6,000lb boat.  Two 11' hoists for bow and stern. 

Heavy Duty Boat Stands $165 each

26" - 40" height. Galvanized with stainless steel fastners.  Use two stands to block up stern with single hoist lift. 6,000lb max lift each.

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We also sell custom hoist units shorter, wider - email what you need to thurner@gohoist.com

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Moving Casters $95 set of four (4)

For moving hoists only. 5" swivel wheels.  Move hoists quickly and easily over grass and gravel.  One set of four needed for each hoist, two sets needed for two hoist setup. Not for use with lifting.

Pay by check - Save $25.  Mail us a personal or business check and take $25 off your purchase price.  Mail to: GoHoist.com - 116 Front St, Dayton, OH 45402

Lift your boat anywhere - anytime.

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lift boat off trailer

Lifting Chains - Set of 4 $95

5' length with clevis hooks and shackle rings. Use for Lifting Pontoon Boats.

Complete One Hoist Package

​Just for lifting V-hulls and flat stern boats off trailer. Block up the stern and lift the bow to remove trailer. 11ft tall

Shipping details and cost:  GoHoist ships on a standard 4' pallet. Units weight up to 500lbs.  We package your GoHoist unit securely and ship using UPS - Its fast (2-4 days anywhere in lower 48) UPS will load (forklift) your GoHoist pallet into your vehicle.  $95 shipping for any GoHoist unit anywhere in the lower US 48 states.

We ship GoHoist internationally - see details below.

Note: GoHoist is shipped to your closest UPS freight terminal for easy pickup and loading. 

We can deliver direct to resident or non freight handling address for additional costs.

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Complete Two Hoist Package

Designed for lifting all boats off trailer. Lifts bow and stern, power boats and sailboats.  11ft tall for deep keel sailboats.  Lifts pontoon boats also - read more

Order by phone - call: (937) 404-1818

We can take your credit card information directly over phone.

GoHoist is shipped on a 48" x 40" pallet and is delivered to a business address with loading dock or local freight depot.  Two hoist package weights 490lbs. Single hoist package weights 260lbs. 

Note: Overseas shipping is delivered to closest sea port terminal and may cost additional. Call or email us for quote and details.  thurner@gohoist.com

+1 937-404-1818

GoHoist is manufactured in the USA.

Want to know if GoHoist can lift your boat? Send us a photo of your boat on the trailer and we will let you know, email to thurner@gohoist.com.   We also sell single hoist units.

GoHoist is guaranteed against failure.  Send us the part and we will cross ship the replacement part.