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Specifications for 10,000lb Tall Boy GoHoist:

The GoHoist system includes (2) hoist frames, (4) auto brake hand winches, (2) lifting straps, (2) leg tension chains and (4) cable pulleys with blocks. GoHoist is an exclusive product Patent US 9975748.

Width of hoist at base: 12'
Lets you easily pull through any boat trailer that is 10' wide.

Height of hoist: 10.75'
Lets you lift a boat with a 9' high deck on the trailer.

Auto Brake Winch capacity: 1800lb Capacity
Lifting a 10,000lb boat each winch only needs 1,250lb capacity.  This is because one hoist only lifts half the boat (5,000lbs) and each hoist has two winches (2,500lb) and finally each winch and a 2:1 pulley (1,250lb).

2 Lifting straps: 4" x 20' - 6600lb. Capacity

2 Cable: 1/4" x 50' Aircraft Grade - 6,100lb. Capacity

8 Lifting pulleys:  1" lifting hook with safety clip - 4000lb. Capacity

2 Tension leg chains: - One at the base of each unit, stops legs from spreading.

Weight: Single GoHoist unit complete weighs 250lb. Dual unit weighs 500lb.
Units break down into 3' and 4' sections that weight less than 20lbs.

​​What to know if GoHoist can lift your boat? Send us a photo of your boat on the trailer and we will let you know.

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The new 10,000lb GoHoist has the same dimensions of the 3 ton unit with new and upgraded components. Winches are larger capacity, leg support inserts are doubled in length, and shoulders are bigger reinforced with gusseting and 50% more steel. 


Each 5 Ton GoHoist unit has four 1,800lb auto-brake winches rigged with 2:1 pulleys.  Photo below shows winch on 5 ton GoHoist is twice the size of the 1200lb winch on the 3 ton GoHoist.

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Steel shoulder sections on the 5 ton GoHoist units have addition bracing and gussetting, and twice the amount of steel as the GoHoist 3 ton hoist shoulders.

The 5 ton GoHoist unit is now available.

If you have a really big boat stuck on a trailer, here is the hoist that allows you to safety lift it off.  And just like the original 3 ton GoHoist, the new 5 ton GoHoist is portable.

Powerboats, sailboats or pontoons - GoHoist 5 ton unit can safely and quickly lift your boat.

GoHoist 5 ton unit has everything you need to lift your boat. Hoists are 11 feet' tall and can service a boat with beam of 8 feet.

GoHoist Patent US 9975748B2

lift boat off trailer

Lift your boat anywhere - anytime.  Patent US 9975748B2

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