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The Easiest, Fastest, Safest Way to Lift and Rotate a Boat

"I found everything about the product to be impressive. Well built and designed, (no short cuts in quality) easy to assemble and operation was a breeze! I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a way to lift a boat off a trailer, it just flat out works! I found the Go Hoist team to be knowledgeable, responsive and professional."  Sam Rice - Knoxville, TN

"I was very impressed with the quality of these portable hoist systems. We will continue to recommend these hoists to our customers on and around Lake Wawasee."  Allan Waggoner - Allans Mobile Marine

"I have one and I freaking love it."  Will Willison - Knox Marina​

Boat owners, marinas, repair yards, mobile service groups all find GoHoist a tool they can't live without.  GoHoist comes in 3 ton and 5 ton lifting capacities.

Using the two hoist package, GoHoist uses lifting straps.  Like a stationary boat hoist lifting the bow and stern.  Plus, GoHoist is portable and can go to the boat instead of hauling the boat to the hoist.

For rotating boats with GoHoist - must be using lifting straps with loads under 6,000lbs.  GoHoist can only rotate powerboats and sailboats without ballast weighted keels, and using lifting straps.

Can GoHoist lift your powerboat(s)?  Send us a photo of your boat on the trailer or where ever it needs to be lifted, and we will tell you what GoHoist package you need.   

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Flip Your Boat To Work On The Hull!

Get out from under your boat and work faster and safer.

GoHoist is the industry standard for lifting boats off the trailer.  And GoHoist can rotate your boat once it is lifted.  Just raise one side of GoHoist and lower the other - just like on a stationary boat hoist.

Work safely and efficiently while improving repairs. GoHoist is not only the industry standard boat hoist, It’s also a boat rotisserie. It allows you to work on the bottom of boats and get those hard to reach spots.

For refurbishing boats such as hull work, Gel-Coat repairs, fiberglass hull repairs -  power washing, waxing and adding ceramic coating.


  • Time saving
  • Safer working conditions
  • Easy boat removal from trailer
  • Lifted boat can be adjusted to any angle

GoHoist allows the boat to be positioned at any angle, providing safer working conditions. There is no need to work underneath the boat.

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GoHoist Patent US 9975748B2

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