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Last October I posted a topic asking for advice on lifting my O'Day 25 off my trailer to work on my stuck centerboard. 
From this post I receive some great advice about using a sling to lift the boat. Keep in mind I am on an inland lake with few resources. The nearest travel lift has a meter that starts at $500 just to lift the boat and then the meter runs, and runs and runs! I had a heck of a time begging and borrowing boat stands! A lot of research on how to do this safely! I was thinking of jacking up the boat but just couldn't get past the inherent risk of the boat slipping and the damage and injury that might be sustained.

I ended up going with GoHoist.com boat lifting unit.
The people I worked with at GoHoist were phenomenal! - Thomas Hurner & Charles Bridgman. The hoist has really worked out well for my situation and has allowed me the time and the accessibility to work on my centerboard problem.
Kevin, IN

Lift your Sailboat anytime, anywhere!

GoHoist can lift your sailboat.  Off the trailer, off the ground, GoHoist will safely and easily lift your sailboat. 

Sailing clubs, repair yards, mobile service groups all find GoHoist a tool they can't live without.  GoHoist comes in 3 ton and 5 ton lifting capacities.

Using the two hoist package, GoHoist uses standard lifting straps.  Like a standard stationary boat hoist lifting the bow and stern.  However, GoHoist is portable and can go to the boat instead of hauling the boat to the hoist.

Can GoHoist lift your sailboat(s)?  Send us a photo of your boat on the trailer or where ever it needs to be lifted, and we will tell you what GoHoist package you need.   
Email: thuner@gohoist.com

phone/text: 937-404-1818

Lift your boat anywhere - anytime.  Patent US 9975748B2

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GoHoist Patent US 9975748B2