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lift boat off trailer

GoHoist Patent US 9975748B2

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Notes from Brad - Sorrento, FL - Lift Pontoon off Trailer

Original owners of 2006 22’ Tri-Toon, living in Central FL it has seen saltwater at New Smyrna Beach and semi-salt at crystal river and lots of fresh water in lakes and the river. One day a speaker stopped working and it went downhill fast from that point. We knew the wiring was going bad what we did not know was the extent of corrosion on the toons due to the salt water and leaving it on the trailer for about a year on the carpeted bunks after having it in salt water. I looked and looked for some way to get this thing in the air and was in the process of designing and building a steel sling when I found GoHoist. This hoist has been designed and tested, I can confirm that it works perfectly. You need to buy one of these Hoists. With this Hoist, you can completely rebuild your pontoon. If I can do it you can do it. And yes it has now been put back into use and my wife is very happy.

Lift your Pontoon boat anytime, anywhere!

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Lift your boat anywhere - anytime.  Patent US 9975748B2

GoHoist can lift your pontoon boat.  Off the trailer, off the ground, GoHoist will safely and easily lift your pontoon boat.  

Using the two hoist package, GoHoist uses lifting chains in place or standard lifting straps.  The GoHoist lifting chains, complete with clevis hooks attach the GoHoist winch pulleys to the lifting rings on the front and back of each pontoon.

Purchase the GoHoist two hoist unit and tell us you will be lifting pontoons and we will swap out the standard lifting straps for lifting chains at no additional cost.  Or you can have both by purchasing addition lifting chains listed on the Buy Now page of this web site.