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Winch Cable/Pulley Assemble - Set of 2 $145

5 ton cap. 25' of cable, 2 pulley blocks, end hook on each assemble.  One set for one hoist.

Lifting Strap - $45 each

4" x 20' - 6,600lb lifting cap.

Foot Pads $125 set of four (4)

For lifting and moving with hoists. 6"x 6", 1/4" steel plate.  Move empty hoists by sliding and stop legs from sinking in softer ground.  Leave attached all the time, both lifting and moving.  One set of four needed for each hoist, two sets needed for two hoist setup.  

Boat Stands  Looking for boat stands?  GoHoist recommends using MarineMart - MarineMart Web Site


Lifting Beam - $225

For lifting a boat or other load from a single point that does not allow you to load both right and left winches vertically. Lifts for loads up to 2 tons.  GoHoist Lifting Beam is a 4”x 3” I beam 6’ length and comes with 2 lifting chains and hooks. Read More.
Note: Without Lifting Beam - Loads with the rigging angled inwards reduces lifting capacity and also stresses the hoist in ways it was not designed for.

Shipping is free with any GoHoist unit order - else additional $170 when ordered separate.

Heavy Duty Pulley Blocks $195 set of four (4)

For commercial use of GoHoist. If you use your GoHoist daily these pulley blocks are recommended. With grease fittings and swivel hooks these pulleys are lower maintenance and longer life. One set for one hoist.

What to know if GoHoist can lift your boat? Send us a photo of your boat on the trailer and we will let you know.

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GoHoist can lift more than just your boat. You can adjust the size of GoHoist.  GoHoist can be assembled with 6' legs and a 4' cross beam for an outboard engine lift.

Lift your boat anywhere - anytime.  Patent US 9975748B2

lift boat off trailer

GoHoist Patent US 9975748B2

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Lifting Chains - Set of 4 $95

4' length with clevis hooks and shackle rings. Use for Lifting Pontoon Boats.

​​​​GoHoist is steel and aluminum, fully tested boat lifting system that safely lifts your boat, not just tipping up the bow like other home or portable boat lifts.

PLUS Flip Your Boat To Work On Hull. Read More

Specifications for 10,000lb 2 hoist unit.

The GoHoist system includes (2) hoist frames, (4) auto brake hand winches, (2) lifting straps, (2) leg tension chains and (4) cable pulleys with blocks. GoHoist is an exclusive product and cannot be found anywhere else. Patent US 9975748.

Width of hoist at base: 12'
Lets you easily pull through any boat trailer that is 10' wide.
​Dimension Drawing PDF:  Widths
Height of hoist: 10.75'
Lets you lift a boat with a 8' high deck on the trailer.
Dimension Drawing PDFs:  Heights

Auto Brake Winch capacity: 1800lb Capacity
Lifting a 10,000lb boat each winch only needs 1250lb capacity.  One hoist only lifts half the boat (5000lbs) and each hoist has two winches (2500lb) and each winch has a 2:1 pulley (1250lb).

2 Lifting straps: 4" x 20' - 6600lb. Load Capacity

4 Cable: 3/16 x 25' Aircraft Grade - 3900lb. Capacity

8 Lifting pulleys:  1/4" slip hook with safety clip - 2ton. Capacity

2 Tension leg chains:

One at the base of each unit, stops legs from spreading.

Weight: Single GoHoist unit complete weighs 300lb. Dual unit weighs 600lb.
Units break down into 3' and 4' sections that weight less than 20lbs.

Two Hoist Product List

Single Hoist Product List​​

GoHoist is coming to the EU and the UK.
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